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My journey began in Argentina, but it really took off after many years of learning to paint figurative art in Chile, and later sculpture in Surrey, England, UK.
I started to explore and experiment with different types of texture, color and media when I moved to Utah, USA. Why? Because I made two series of illustrations for a couple of books published in Argentina: Erotica (2011) and Urbe Barranca (2012).
Things really began to change. I discovered I could paint what I wanted based only on ideas, words, and poetry…
Moved to Denver, USA, 2014. Now alone with my work. Change? Yes!! Absolutely. Visual Games came along… and more than ever images started to move into my head and became paintings.
2016/2017: Searching for someone to guide me, mentor me. I found Mark Brasuell, a conceptual abstractionist. And I’m learning a lot from him and improving on myself as well. 
Always changing.  Changing is good.. Isn’t it?



Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Studied Chemistry – In 1989 she went to Germany, 1992 to Chile, 2003 to the UK and in 2009 to Utah USA. Andrea currently lives in Lone Tree, Colorado USA.


Exhibition Record – Drawings, Paintings & Sculptures

2000 and 2001 Cultural Corporation Las Condes, Santiago de Chile, Chile

2002 Artistas emergentes I, Galería Anahuac, Santiago de Chile, Chile

2002 Artistas emergentes II, Cine Arte Alameda, Santiago de Chile, Chile

2002 Cultural Corporation Las Condes, Santiago de Chile, Chile

2006 Terra Nostra, Riverhouse Barn, Robert Phillips Gallery, Walton-on-Thames, UK

2006 Exhibition of Iberoamerican Art, The Mews, London, UK

2018 Spark Gallery - Side Kicks, Denver, Colorado, USA


Publications – Poems & Illustrations

Antologia del Empredrado, 1999, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Erotica, 2011, Neuquén, Argentina

Urbe Barranca, 2012, Neuquén, Argentina


Formation & Mentors

1999 – 2003 Drawing and painting, Workshop Carmen Silva, Santiago, Chile

2004 – 2006 Sculpture, Malcolm Hart, Esher, Surrey, UK

2017 – Mark Brasuell, Private, Aurora, Colorado, USA


Theater experience

Theater group University of Comahue, Neuquén, Argentina

Street theater GROUPOLIENDE, Neuquén, Argentina

Theater group University of Atacama, Copiapó, Chile

El Filtro, Copiapó, Chile

About the artist

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